Five Good Reasons To Join Us

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If you are thinking of coming into Freemasonry – or if you are already a Freemason looking to join a London Lodge – here are five good reasons why you  absolutely must consider Harringay Lodge:

Harringay Lodge meets on Saturday

If you are a working man, you know the pressures of today’s working environment. It usually means, long hours and an expectation that you have to go the extra mile if you hope to progress in your career, doesn’t it? So, taking time off during your working day to attend a lodge meeting is either difficult or impossible. But it could simply be that you prefer a weekend meeting. If this is you, consider joining Harringay Lodge because it meets on four Saturdays a year (click on the Meetings link on the left for dates).

A Saturday meeting means that for most sessions you can have a relaxed morning, go to your meeting in the evening and be sure of having a good time – which is guaranteed because Harringay Lodge is one of the friendliest lodges in London.

Currently, our December meeting is held during the late morning, so that for the festive season, we can meet, have lunch and head off to do some Christmas shopping… or anything else you fancy in the heart of London.


we meet at the prestigious Mark Masons’ hall

Our four meetings are held at Mark Masons’ Hall, which is a lovely venue with good quality dining. Mark Masons’ Hall also has a long masonic history and is the home of a branch of freemasonry know as  Mark Masonry. To find out more about Mark Masons’ Hall, click here for the official website .

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of Freemasonry and perhaps joining other orders, you will find Mark Masons’ Hall to be one of the few places where a large number of orders hold their meetings.  So, you will have twelve different orders to choose from – and join, if you so wish.

We are next to St James’s Palace

St. James’s Palace is the official residence of the sovereign and is the most senior Royal Palace in the United Kingdom. Although the monarch no longer resides at the Palace, it is the residence of other members of the Royal Family.

It was originally commissioned by King Henry VIII and is not open for visitors, but is used mainly for receptions for heads of state or the charities of which members of the Royal Family are patrons.

It is know especially for its magnificent gatehouse, pictured below


We are adjacent to the beautiful Green Park

Green Park is one of the eight Royal Parks in London. It is perfect for a stroll and has two main features: Canada Gate (see below) and Canada Memorial. You can also get a view of Buckingham Palace from the park.

The park does not have a lake, but it is more peaceful than some of the other Royal Parks and has a range of tree species and common birds such as blackbird and starling and migrant birds.


mark masons’ hall has a great restaurant and Bar

There is a wonderful restaurant called ’86 St. James’ in the building, where you will be able to dine with your masonic or non-masonic friends and family there and enjoy great food and drinks.

The catering is excellent and meets the high standards expected by Freemasons in London, so you can be sure that you will get high quality dining if you decide to eat here.